Adjusting the Navigation Flow in review mode.


I am looking into a way to change how the navigation will work for users who have completed content.

Essentially, as a project I require first time users to complete 100% of the learning, tracked number of slides viewed within the publish menu. I have this set up and working 100% combining this with a disabled next button on every slide until the content is completed and a restricted navigation. As I say this is working all fine and our LMS is reporting as completed.

We allow users to revisit content if they desire, when a user launches a module the module launches in review mode, thus not overriding the "Complete" Status. However, I would like users to now be given the option to skip through the navigation via the Menu (understandably this is already an option if a user selects 'Yes' to the resume pop-up). If a user mistakenly selects 'No' to the resume pop-up dialog, this sets the user back to page 1.1 (not an issue) however due to set parameters described earlier they are then forced to complete each slide in turn until they get to the bit they wish to re-visit.


Unfortunately, I've been asked to leave the resume feature in as i know this can be disabled and would cure the issue I have straight away.

Essentially I need a method in which, when a user visits the lesson the following happens:

 LMSStatus = 'Complete'

 Yes - Navigation set to free

 No - Navigation set to restricted


If anyone has encountered this before or has any idea if this can be achieved within storyline itself I would be most grateful.






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Crystal Horn

Hi there John!  I'm interested to see what sort of "outside of the box" ideas you get from the community.  Using Restricted Navigation and the Prompt to Resume, your users will be bound to advance through the course as intended if they start over.  And any variables you set within Storyline will be wiped clean if they choose to start the course over.

Great question!  I like these older discussions below about how the variables work with Resume behavior.  I think what would be helpful for you is to have variables that instead persist no matter what the user chooses when prompted to resume--then you could access them and control navigation through their values instead.

That said, you're welcome to tell us more about your needs in a feature request!

John Willis

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for your reply, I've submitted a feature request for this as it seems like a must have for people who want their users to be able to revisit learning but still have the option to resume if they wish.

I'd rather avoid having to place variables into courses just to control the navigation as this would be additional work on multiple courses that I couldn't justify spending the time on.

I'd be interested in finding out if there is a way to communicate this using JavaScript to pull the lmsAPI.GetStatus into the player on load, then forcing a resume if the lmsAPI.LESSON_STATUS_COMPLETED.

Even though I can see how it could theoretically work, I unfortunately cannot code in JavaScript and would struggle to put this together.