Adjusting Variables based on Results.ScorePercentages

Nov 14, 2016

Hi Articulate Community,

Struggling once again with adjusting variables in relation to results.  

For this course, I am attempting to show 2 different layers upon completion of the final survey.  Layer 1 = Certification Earned; Layer 2 = Additional Training Required.  For the final Results slide, I have adjusted variables where SurveyFinished = True if the user scores 100% passing score on the quiz; variable SurveyNotBen = True if the user scores > 100% passing score on the quiz.  This should then trigger the Main Menu Slide to show either Layer 1 for completion/100% passing score, or Layer 2 for requiring additional instruction.

Side Note: I have experienced several glitches with Storyline 2 after saving my course, where it will revert back to an older, saved file state.  

Not sure if this is a technical error I should report to Tech Support?  All variables seem to check out...

Thanks, once again, for the assistance,





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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Marie! Thanks for sharing your file here. I think I've got it working the way you'd like. The main thing I noticed that was causing the issue is the order of your triggers. You'll want to be sure the 'Change variable...' trigger is always above the 'Jump to slide...' trigger. That's because triggers on any object happen in order from top to bottom. So if you have a 'Jump to slide...' trigger on top, the slide will change before the variable adjusts. Here's an example of how it should be set up:

I also noticed your results slide had some unnecessary 'Change variable...' triggers which I removed. Take a look at the attached updated file, and let me know if this works for you!

Also, in case you're interested, here is some more information on working with triggers

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