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Jun 25, 2012

I want to create a drag and drop quiz that gives interim feedback to say which items are still incorrect or which are correct so far. I don't want to give imediate feedback by changing the state - I want the user to try the quiz, then click Submit.

Is there a way to say something like:

You have x (number of) correct answers still to find.

Or can I for example, after clicking Submit, show which answers are correct at that point.

Many thanks,


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Thanks to all. It's much clearer now. The situation I was envisioning actually had two drop targets and several drag objects, I guess similar to what Annie had submitted. So the setup would need to be different.

But, since this did involve customizing the feedback layers, I actually have a question about the feedback master and the "sub-masters" (not sure what the correct term is).

When I reposition the elements that are on the "main master" (the one on the top) by selecting all on the timeline, they DO all reposition on this main master. But the text box elements on the submasters (e.g., correct, incorrect, try again) do NOT reposition on the subs. Why is that? At least up to now, that's what I've been wanting, for the sake of consistency. So what I've needed to do is note the position of each and position accordingly on the subs.

I'm thinking there's a reason for this and I just don't get it yet. Can y'all advise? And even if there is a reason, is there a way around this?

Tx as always for all the good feedback

Ben Fixsin

I'm trying to recreate the drag and drop functionality from the demo David Anderson posted in this thread.  While the first var resets correctly once I copied it out and updated the triggers the remaining seven are not working.  I've doubled checked everything but am at a loss as to why I can't get the copied triggers to behave.  If anyone could take a look at this I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Thanks so much, I'm at a loss here.


(file attached)

Kevin Thorn


Not sure what's not working for you. I did notice one of the drop targets didn't line up with the correct drag item. That might have been the problem. I renamed all your drag items and drop targets to help keep track of how they connect. It's working fine for me *I think*. Hope this helps.

Louisa Fricker

Carlos Rubinstein said:

Hi all,

Here's one I did some time back; no Submit button, but it does have a dynamic counter of correct drops, and uses layers to block learners from changing correct answers.

Hope it helps!


Hi Carlos - thank you for this drag-and-drop example! Using layers and triggers this way is really clever, and solves a challenge I had with a drag-and-drop I was working on today. Thanks!


Pauline Hanekom

Hi David

Your demo has been very helpful!  Unfortunately it's now lost a functionality - the attempt count bit.  How do I allow only three attempts on this type of interaction?  In other words each time the correct objects remain in place, the incorrect objects are reset AND with each submit attempt the counter moves on 1 up to 3 tries?


Wendy Farmer

Hi David

the behaviour in this demo is exactly what I am after for a client, however my incorrect items don't return to initial position like yours do.  Also we are using a custom 'submit' button, would that have anything to do with it?

Sorry I should qualify - I know you are using smoke and mirrors of states and that the objects don't really return to initial position.

Any hints? Project is in SL1

David Anderson

Hi Lisa - I updated the links in the original thread to include the demo and source file:

Two more options for resetting drag-and-drops:

Reset Drag-and-Drop Incorrect Choices w/ Motion Paths


Reset Your Drag-and-Drop Items in Articulate Storyline 360


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