Advice on Different Authors Collaborating on the Same Project

Feb 11, 2013

Hi All

Looking for a bit of advice here. Myself and two other developers are going to be working together on a project. Two of us are based in the same office ... one is not. Am looking for some advice on the best way to collaborate with each other. 

Initial thoughts were that the person who works remotely could upload their story files to Dropbox, I could then save them to my network drive, and then copy and paste the scenes into the master story file, which I hold locally on my PC. However, when I did a quick test of this today certain elements were not copying across well. (Main culprit is a "click" sound effect that we have hooked up to buttons as a 'Play Media' trigger, followed up by a 'Jump to Slide/Show Layer' > 'When Media Completes' trigger - many of the sound files are corrupting in the copy and paste. Sound effects that have been added directly to the time line are fine.)

 Does anyone have any experience of working together on these kinds of projects, and how have you collaborated? 

Many thanks in advance. 

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Brett Rockwood

Steve, could you be more specific on what you mean by copy and pasting from one open instance of SL to another? Do you mean you open two instances of SL on the same maching? This is soon going to be an issue with my team as we add additional licenses of SL and will likely be sharing work on the same projects from time to time.

What is the best practice for collaboration on a file?

Milan Fonken

Hey guys,(I accidentally removed my previous post). I have a small tip as well. You could also use "Perforce". Perforce is basically the same tool as Dropbox but you can prevent conflict issues like Bruce Graham mentioned. It's simple you can check out files in which other people can see that you are working on the specific file. It's a great tool, you might want to check it out. Cheers!  

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