Align shortcuts?

Aug 29, 2014

Can someone please tell me if there is any keyboard shortcut to get to the align tools?

Or is there a way to have a separate tool bar or something where you can just do it in one click?

The way it is right now is just hugely inefficient.

Having to click Home-> Arrange->Align->Align Left - then it goes away

Then have to click Arrange again ->Align->Align top

Way too many mouse clicks/drags - just gets very frustrating.



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Sharon Huston

I'm going to give you two answers.

1. There aren't any built-in keyboard shortcuts, but you can add icons to the Quick Access toolbar to make the operation less clicky. Details are at the bottom of this page.

2. I have an AutoHotKey script that uses SHIFT + the number keypad. So, for example, if I press SHIFT+NumKeypad7 whatever I have selected will left align. The script will also distribute horizontally and vertically, and toggle aligning to objects and to the slide. I like this because I'm usually already using SHIFT to select objects.

To run the script (attached) you'll need to install AutoHotKey, and then double-click this script. AutoHotKey scripts are simple text files, so you can open this in Windows Notepad or another text editor to check out the contents and customize it.

Carmen Candela

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for all the great tips shared. I checked your AutoHotKey script and made my own version (much more simple). It almost works. The code works well, except for the {Alt} or {AltDown}, {AltUp}, or any other forms of ALT. I've tried almost every way of writing it down and still no results. In storyline, as you know, the alt key is particularly important in order to launch all kinds of actions. I've created a script that makes the task, but only after I've manually clicked alt... better than nothing :)

Do you know what could be blocking this key ? I've found some posts regarding this issue, but I'm not able to understand what could be the problem. Do you, by any chance have any clues ? Thanks !

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