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Christie Pollick

Hi, Leslie -- 

There are a few options you can try to address your request: you can change the navigation controls from Submit to Prev/Next to allow learners to go back and forth before submitting with the information here.

Or, there is a way to show the Retry Quiz Button only when learners fail. By default, the Retry Quiz button appears whether the learner passes or fails a quiz, but you can change this behavior if you only want it to display when the learner fails. Just move the Retry Quiz button from the base layer of the result slide to the Failure layer. 

Wen-Li Feng

Hi Christie,

I have similar situation but would like additional guidance.

We are using quiz questions as exercises. This means, there's no grades and learners see correct or incorrect feedback right after they answer questions. We would like to offer opportunities for learners to re-answer a question after they have answered the questions in-correctly especially for multiple response questions. 

I've set up "Multiple" attempts in each question but learners are still not able to re-answer/re-try the question. 

I appreciate your help!