Alternative to Drop Bown Box

Jun 03, 2013

As a recent convert to Articulate Storyline I have found the program excellent and easy to use. I was of the belief that Articulate could manage anything I could imagine. That was until today when the simple option of adding a drop box option seems to have beaten me.

 I am on the first screen collecting the learners first name, surname, and DOB. Once this is collected I am wanting the office the Questions are been taken in. My company has over 100 offices so I would like a drop down box (or similar!) to select the correct office.

 I am sure a text box would work, but I am mindful of Spelling mistakes etc and the data needs to be sorted by office.

 Has anyone ideas how I can have either a drop down or alternative? The display needs to be as simple as can be.

 Thank you in advance

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey Rik,

100 offices! That would be a pretty lo-o-o-ng drop-down. Questions:

Are your office locations divided up regionally, for example? I'm thinking that you might have layers with option buttons (I agree you don't want to have to deal with text entry spelling errors)

And Learners could click on the Region 1 layer if that's where they work and click on the correct option button for their office, Region 2 if they worked in that region, etc.

So, just some thoughts to get started. Others will post as well, I hope!

rik apple

It's a fair comment about the size of the drop down list, but I would hope when they start typing it would auto complete? Good if your in Ashford, not so good in Warrington!

 Yes I was thinking of layers by region and using a tick box to select.

 Any other ideas great fully received.

 Thanks for your quick response!

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