Animating Bulleted Text

May 29, 2014

Trying to animate a text box by bullet. This is not imported from PowerPoint, it is just created in Storyline.

I know I'm supposed to be able to animate by first level paragraph, but when I click the textbox or highlight the text, then click the animate drop down, it just shows me the types of animation (fade in, glow, etc.) and not the list that I sometimes see where you can choose the option to animate by first level paragraph.

I'm sure it's some small thing I'm missing....

Thank you!

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Doris Hicks-Tillman

Hi Ashley and thank you for your response.  I have seen this option before, but for some reason, each time I select my text box with the bulleted list, the only options I see when I click on the Animations option looks like this:

 So I never get those options, although I know I have done that before. No matter what I try, Inever see those options...  ???

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