Animating Image States

I've tried searching as I'm sure I've seen this before but can't find the right phrase to search for.

Is it possible to include and animation, i.e. a fade, into a change of state for an image or photographic character.

I've created a new state for Atsumi using a new pose and want it to fade in rather than just jump - is it possible in the state, or would I have to use a layer to make it look like it was fading in when it changes?

Thanks in advance


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Helen Tyson

Thanks Mike & Nancy (& Tim by proxy - lovely looking course btw)

I have found that if I try to add the animation while in the state editing mode it doesn't seem to work, but if I use Nancy's technique of adding the animation to the character on slide and then cutting and pasting it into the new state it does work.

Not sure why it should be different, but if it works somehow I'm happy


Tim Wright

Hello all,

I too am struggling with animated states. I can't seem to have an exit animation on a state. I want the object to fly off when another object is drag over it. I need this to be states not layers. I tried adding the exit animation in the state editor and pasting into the stae with animation on it.

Any help would save my sanity!