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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Angela,

See attached. There are 3 text boxes. The first two only have what I think you're thinking are "first level" paragraphs -- that is, one level of bullets.

  • The one labeled: fade in all at once does just that. All 4 bullets fade in at the same time.
  • The one labeled fade in by fist level paragraphs does just that. Each bullet comes in separately (using SL's Animations by first level paragraphs option)
  • The one labeled Fade in by fist level paragraph with 2nd level has what I think you're thinking of as 2nd level paragraphs -- that is, under each bullet there's a sub-level. I've set this up as animation by first level paragraphs AND, if you look at the timeline, I've adjusted the start time for each of the items, one second apart.

Please shout out with any questions