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Feb 10, 2013

I am converting an e learning programme originally developed in captivate into storyline. I am really impressed with storyline so far, particularly as I have been able to do everything I have done in captivate quicker and better. However, I have one slide with a background picture and four png images I made in photoshop showing an ECG trace to replicate a heartrate rythm typically seen on a monitor. I also have the sound inserted which is in sequence with the animation. I originally animated the images in powerpoint using the wipe animation and it looks very effective. Unfortunately the choice of animations look a little more limited in story line and fade or fly in doesn't give the same effect. Does anyone have any ideas how i may replicate the original animated effect?

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Bruce Graham


Think video may be a relatively recent addition to the .pptx outputs, but you are correct, it is completely seamless with SL, and remember, you can also add images, text boxes etc. over the top.

It's a great way to get over the currently limited animation list in Storyline, (a list that I do understand is being worked on for the future releases...).


Sasha Scott

Hi Paul, Jeanette Brooks posted an example near the top of the thread here, an "undocumented" thing...

Basically show the layer then hide the layer as the timeline ends. You will need to put your images on different timeline layers and animate them that way using the type-in "start time" value (or maybe you can do something with the existing animations)..

Kristin Butters

I'm used to animating in Flash.  As far as I've seen in storyline, all objects that are present in the animation appear at all times (regardless of when they appear in preview mode).  It is sometimes confusing with animations with many parts/layers.  Does anyone have a good work around or solution to this?  Right now, we just turn on/off visibility of layers and preview.

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