Announce new layers

Jun 09, 2023

Hello, Storyline Experts,

I have an interaction that includes a layer that appears when the learner chooses either the right or wrong response. Feedback for incorrect and correct choices will each appear, depending on the learner's choice. I want to make this accessible. What I want to happen is the screen reader to announce the layer appeared and then speak aloud the text in that layer. 

When I use a screen reader now, the layer appears, but the screen reader does not read it, or even say that a layer has appeared.

Does anyone have the javascript that will make this happen?

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Jennifer Knott

Hi! It's not a quiz question. I have buttons on a slide. A layer appears for each choice. I want the layer to be announced and the text read aloud by the screen reader. Then I want the layer to disappear and the learner to be taken back to the same slide or the next slide.