Another example of motion path + animation complete trigger

Nov 13, 2014

Hello Storyline community!

Today I share another example of the motion path, with in addition the use of the 'animation complete' trigger. Again, this example is very basic. The graphic aspect is not important, I chose basic pictures... I just wanted to try the functionalities!

This activity is simple: I want the learner to click the good ingredients for a recipe, with motion path animation. When all the good ingredients are clicked, the learner can continue. This kind of activity is very simple:

1) We add the motion path to the good ingredients (pictures in the example).
2) We add triggers to start each motion path animations when the learner click each ingredient.
3) When the motion path animation completes, the ingredient state change to "Hidden" -> This is where we use the new Storyline 2 functionality with the "animation complete".
4) We also use layers to show a text that explains to the learner if he/she selected a good ingredient.
5) When all the good ingredient are "Hidden", we show the final layer that allows the user to continue. The "Next" button of the player is always hidden in my example, and I chose to use a button in the final layer, but we can also choose to show the next button of the player when the activity is finished with a trigger... it's up to you!

As you can see, this is very basic but interactive because of the motion path animations. Of course, this will be better with PNG (transparent) pictures, or with forms. I just used basic pictures I found on the Internet, this is only a test :) We can imagine many activities!

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