Any clues why this isnt working properly?

May 01, 2019

This is the initial section of an object I'm working on. It's an initial ict skills test and the aim is to gauge a new learners level with certain packages, namely word processor, spreadsheet and email. The user needs to select their level and any they have experience with they are tested on. if a user says they have never used one there is no point testing them and the option for that test should be disabled. In the sample you can see the variable are setting correctly (from the summary bit on page 3)  but the boxes aren't disabling. there is a seperate greyed out state for disabled

here is the sample

And here are my triggers. The top 3 should disable the button if never is selected, the rest should enable the marker and link to results pages if completed.


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Noel Read

Hi, you can get it to work using layers and number variables. I've attached an example. I've only enabled it for never - but you can see that when you click never it goes to the never layer and the shape on that layer changes to disabled because of the number variable trigger.

You would need to set up variables for each type, i.e. WP, SS and email. 

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