Any way to pass userid/password through SL2 to a website?

Feb 24, 2016

I have a website that requires a login user / password. Is there any way to pass that info (unseen by the user) to the website?  We have some services that we have overall corporate accounts for that have a single sign-on. How would we utilize those without giving each individual user the password?



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Terrance Elvers


thanks for the reply.

The truth is, I have just started with SL2, and do not know!

I know we have a single corporate signon to a service available through the internet, and want to be able to pass that signon info through during the eLearning session (on demand) without the student seeing it.  

As an example (although not the one we are using) would be to  pass a Netflix password/ID, log on to a Netflix account and play a movie clip from within SL2 when the student clicks "play movie clip".

I could hardcode the user/pw info, but not sure where in SL2, or how.  

We are hosting ourselves (internally).  

Thanks  a lot


Manjunath eCoursys

Hi Terry,

With the limited understanding I now have, if the SL2 content is hosted on a web server with SSO enabled & the other server from where video is getting played is also in the same network with SSO,  it should be seamless access to the video content on the other server without  requirement for login/password.

If it is about playing a protected external video within SL2,  depending on your video service provider, there may be options to enable restricted access to those videos like using secret key, domain restrictions, etc.  You can look at web objects feature in SL2 to embed external videos.

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