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Karen Drummey

I have taken the Yukon training for Studio and it was great. I am trying to find out about Amananet. Their course is 2 days and others have 3 or 4. They said they cover the same material and variables, which some trainings don't cover. I would also like to here from someone who as taken the class with them as well.

Bill Clugston

I recently attended the online training by Amananet for Storyline and thought it was a very beneficial class.  It was online for 2 days that went by very quickly.  Dan the instructor was great.  I like the layout of the class where we rebuilt an elearning program from scratch with all of the components packaged neatly so that we focused on tool use.  I am very new to Storyline and with this class I feel better prepared to use this product for my own work.