Apostrophes in Closed Captions.

Jan 12, 2018


I'm having some issues with closed captions and symbols, in particular, apostrophes which are showing as a question mark in a white diamond for some reason.

My process is to upload the mp4 to YouTube, get the captions created. Download the SBV version of the file, and edit it in Word. (Add capital letters, commas, full stops etc). Word saves the file as a SBV file, and I change the file extension to SBV afterwards. 

It imports into Storyline 360 no worries, but apostrophes don't show, and the last two files I have tried this with show two lines of closed captions, not one, and I can't find out why it's doing that to stop it. It's driving me potty! 

Am i doing it badly? is there a simpler process others use? Should I use a different download file, (VTT or SRT)? How do I stop the two line display?

Any help appreciated :-) 



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Paul, thanks for reaching out!

In Storyline 360, you can import closed captions from SRT, VTT, SBV, or SUB files. If some characters in your captions are unexpectedly replaced by symbols in Storyline 360, make sure your caption files are encoded for UTF-8.

You can read more about importing closed captions in this handy guide. If you're still getting stuck, reach out to our team here!

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