Apply layout to imported quiz questions

Jan 07, 2019

After successfully importing questions from an Excel spreadsheet, I want to apply a layout. When I apply a layout from the Content Library I lose the heading text that says Multiple Choice Question. I'm using the modern player with icons only and I'd like to use a button on the slide rather than the elusive checkmark in the player as that is not intuitive at all.

The end goal is to import questions into something more than the plain white background.

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Crystal Horn

Hi, Sandie!  Great question about quiz-building efficiency.

You can import your questions from Excel, and as you'll see, you'll get very generic looking slides.  They are likely using the standard question layout.

Once you have a set of Content Library templates in your project, you can use the Apply Layout tool to quickly format your quiz slides.  In Story View, select all of your question slides.  Use the Home tab to choose Apply Layout, and click on a question layout from your template set that you'd like to use.  As long as it has a title/header box, it will keep the question text.

Next, you'll need a custom submit button for those slides.  You won't be able to add that submit button to the slide master because its trigger is specific to each slide's quiz interaction.  Here's how to make adding that button to multiple slides simpler:

Add a custom submit button to a single question slide.  Once it is positioned and formatted properly, select the button and click Copy on your ribbon.  You can then select all of the question slides in that scene in the Scenes panel on the left, and click Paste.

To quickly assign the trigger to the custom button on each slide, switch to Story View.  You can click each slide and use the trigger panel to change the trigger from "unassigned" to the quiz interaction (e.g. Multiple Choice) for each slide.

Let me know how you make out!

(edited to correct a mistake in the second step)

San C

Maybe I spoke too soon. Perhaps if I post here, I'll soon realize my mistake. :)

I have imported questions and applied a layout that has a Submit button on the Master slide as I do not like the elusive checkmark to submit questions. Once I apply the layout, the Slide trigger for the player submit button is still there and there's no trigger for the button on the actual slide (master). I have reset the slide and still do not get the correct trigger.

I also want to apply a layout to the Correct and Incorrect layers. Do I have to go to each question and each layer to make that change? I don't see layers in the Slide Master to make a global change.

Crystal Horn

I'm with you, Sandie.  Sometimes just saying it out loud helps.  We call that, "talking to the rubber ducky."  😆

If there is a button on the layout in Slide Master view, I'd expect it to show when applying that layout.  It sounds like that isn't happening.  With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting. If you'd prefer to keep the file private, please share with me directly by uploading it here.

As for your feedback layers, they have their own set of masters!  This article goes into detail about working with feedback masters.  

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