Applying a Slide Master layout to a "Feedback" slide?

New user (and still on SL1), so please bear with me!  On a slide with multiple layers, the correct Slide Master layout is applied to the Base Layer.  When I originally created the other layers, they, too had the correct Slide Master layout.  However, I've managed to change/edit something in such a way that all the non-base layers now have a (blank white) Feedback Master layout applied, and no other options are listed on the Layout tab/dropdown.  Did I somehow designate the non-base layers as Feedback Layers?!?  The only change I recall making was to delete a few layers, and remove the triggers that showed those layers.  I appreciate your help in unbreaking my slides!!

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Chris Barnett

More information I've learned while trying to fix: any time I add a new layer -- even to a new slide -- the base layer has the layout options from the Slide Master, but any new layers (even if I duplicate the base layer) only has Feedback layout options.  I did previously make changes to my Feedback Master (moved the shapes and textboxes on the Master, Correct, and Incorrect Feedback layouts).

Emily Ruby

Hello Chris,

When you add layers to a slide, they'll be based upon the feedback master's blank layout by default.

Select the layer you want to change in the Slide Layers panel.
Go to the Home tab on the ribbon and click the Layout drop-down.
Select a layout.
To edit your feedback master or add new layouts, see this tutorial.

Chris Barnett

Thanks, Emily, for your helpful response.  This is very interesting!  I would think the majority of additional layers would be used for content (to which you'd want to apply a Slide Master design, not a Feedback Master design).  So far, my experience has been that all layers have the same look/design, but maybe that's because I've been working off of downloaded templates?  For example, I am currently using one called Simple Tabs.  I've been adding new slides using the "Templates" portion of the New Slide window.  The template has multiple tabs in the design, and when I insert a new slide, it automatically adds a number of layers equivalent to the number of tabs.  All the layers have the same initial look/design (i.e. they look identical to the base layer).  I do see now that when I go to one of the layers and click on the Layout options, only Feedback layouts are available.  So, how do I achieve this on my own when I'm not using downloaded templates?  Would I create a Slide Master with the design I want, then do the whole thing again for a Feedback Master?  I can see where that might be time intensive, depending on how complicated the design is.  Thank you!