Articulate 360 Retry Button on Results slide note moving through questions

Sep 04, 2020

I have three sets of 3 questions throughout my course. They are separated by  slides of course content. When the learner selects "Retry" on the Results slide I would like the Retry to move only through the Questions and not the course content slides.

I've been trying a couple strategies:

  • Work with the triggers to recognize the value of the Retry button as attempt 1 and jump to the question slides instead of the content slides
  • Create a Question Bank to control the navigation. 

But nothing seems to be working correctly. Any tips on how to write the triggers correctly? Or how to control the Question Bank?

My trigger on the final question of the each group of questions reads:

Jump to Slide [#] When RetryButton changes If AttemptCount = value 1

I can't find a way to write the triggers to simply move through all the question slides and skip the course content slides. 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

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Mick Irvin Garcia

Hi Rachel. So if I understood the format of your project, it would look like this: Slide 1 Content > Quiz 1> slide 2 content> Quiz 2> Slide 3 content> Quiz 3... and so on. And if the learner attempts a retake of the quiz, you would want them to go through just the quiz slides.

I tried to manifest that process by adding a Retry button to Review Slide when it invokes the Failure layer. Here are the triggers to the Retry button I've added.

This should skip the content slides and let the learner retake only the slides with incorrect answers. I hope it helps.

Cheers and good luck!




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