Articulate for a compliance project

Feb 10, 2021

I wonder if anyone could advise:
I have been asked to build a question based compliance product - where the user will answer a number of questions - mainly yes/no but with additional free text explanations that would need to be stored securely in the cloud. I would need to be able to bookmark the session - as it may take a number of months for the user to complete. Finally upon completion - I would want to be able to print out a report. Is this something that Articulate could handle?


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Pete Smithies

I have been looking to see if there is a question template that is a True/False but also includes a  freemform text input - but cannot see anything.

Also - need to know where the results and responses are stored - be able to bookmark and finally - if it is possible to create a printable result ?

Espen Lund

I assume your LMS will capture the answer from the free text inputs? I know our previous LMS did, but I never used the feature.
In Articulate Storyline you can set up the course to enable the user to re-enter the course where they left of. You will get a dialog when you re-enter the course (do you want to continue where you left off yes/no). I think this is a scorm functionality.

Maybe you can post a sketch of what you are trying to create, and with that it may be easier to give some input and suggestions?


Pete Smithies

Hi Espen,

Many thanks for your response.

What I am looking to do is

Have a user login - and have the details recorded for the LMS

Have a number of questions mostly yes/no - but also with a free text area for additional  information

Has the ???? equipment had an annual service this year 

Tick Yes or No

Comment Box

The ???? Equipment has had the following work done this year......

Once the user completes the "course" they can print off every question/answer and comments to submit with as a hard copy.

Thanks again for your advice.. very much appreciated




Zachary Hunter

The login and recording would be maintained by your LMS. Storyline can communicate learner input/results (and tons of other information) with your LMS. This is commonly through SCORM, but can vary based on the limitations and requirements of your LMS (e.g. I used to work with an LMS that didn't play well with SCORM 4th edition).

With Storyline, multiple-choice questions and free-text questions are both possible but are technically separate questions. This is probably not an issue, but just know that they are tracked separately. Once again, it can be an LMS limitation on how it reads free-text questions. Just this past week, I discovered that my LMS will allow us to see reports on correct/incorrect/neutral, but we had to find a work-around to read the actual student response.

Storyline offers a built-in Print button you can add to the final Review slide that will include each question title. Here is a discussion from the community that includes a screenshot of what that might look like: Print Results. Please keep in mind that you would need HTML/JS expertise to do a lot of customization of that output.

Hopefully, that helps you out, but let me know if you would like any additional information!

Pete Smithies

Hi Espen, 
Thanks for your response - another interesting workaround -  if not a little convoluted, but no, this does not really have much bearing on what I am wanting. I simply need a solution that allowes Yes/No and a comments box for each question

And then the faciltiy to compile a report of all the questions, answers and comments to be able to be printed off.

Thanks anyway,