Articulate player for Ipad - Better navigation...


I have some complains from my team and clients about the navigation on the Articulate Player for Ipad : 
- They don't want two-finger swipe but one-finger swipe.

- They say that the swipe slide change is slow and not responding well.

- Same for the fullscreen function.

I think clients don't know about technics, they don't care that having this kind content playing on an Ipad is a long awaited event. 

They will judge the product on... Swipes.

So for the future versions of the Articulate Player for Ipad, I would expect strongs improvements of the navigation :

- A way to add, change, or remove gestures (1 finger swippe instead of two)

- A way to replace the gesture by a button if I want, ( fullscreen )

- Faster responses to the gestures.

- A way to see the slide changing during the gesture, like a Ibook. 

Or a SDK or API allowing me to make my own player in Flex or HTML5. 

Do other people have the same problems or wishes ? 

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Frederic,

Have you tried making a pseudo-swipe function inside your slides?

You could create 3 transparent hotspots (one central covering something like 96 % of the screen, and 2 more left and right covering the other 4%), and then add the appropriate triggers.

That would simulate the 1-finger swiping in all environments.

You could have a look at this example :

Hope it helps,


Mike Enders


In regards to this comment:

They say that the swipe slide change is slow and not responding well.

I have found that this is sometimes the case when my wireless connection is slow.  You may

wish to encourage your users to download the course for local viewing (if this has been enabled)

as this should speed up the swipe response speed.


Oscar Pánes

Hello All,

I just recently posted to the forum inquiring as to whether or not the mobile player supports finger swiping.  From what I'm reading here it looks like it does.   I know that we can finger swipe through the menu wihin the player.  However, specifically I was asking about whether finger swiping could be used to advance to the next slide or return to the previous slide.  Are you all saying that this functionaly is available within the player?

Am I missing something?

Thank you.


Peter Anderson

Hey Oscar!

There isn't actually a built-in trigger or action you can use to swipe-to-the-next-slide in HTML5, but Alex came up with a great idea for a workaround to simulate it. You can check it out over here.

Is that what you're looking for? 

Edit: The built-in functionality for a two-finger swipe will work for the Mobile Player, as long as you haven't removed the navigation buttons