Articulate Plugin opens up a world of data (and new functionality)

How would you like to know when a student:

  • plays, pauses, kills or completes listening/viewing an audio/video
  • displays or closes a slide layer
  • considers selecting a question option (and whether it was potentially correct)
  • enters text into a text entry field (and what the text was  that was entered)
  • views a slide
  • changes a slide

How would you like to know:

  • how many words per second a student reads
  • how long they spend on a slide
  • what the students's response to a survey question is
  • how many times they revisit a slide
  • whether they change their mind when answering a question

--- without having to do ANYTHING except add a plugin to your Storyline course.

Some of the functionality you've wanted for years is available now.

I've been working on this technology for 5 years - take a look (

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