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Jul 30, 2013

Hi there,

The company I work for is just getting started with online learning and Storyline modules, and we're struggling to understand exactly what data Storyline modules produce that can then be "read" using your LMS. I know this is partially dependent on which LMS you're using, and whether you're publishing to SCORM or TinCan. We don't have an LMS yet (we're sorting through our options now), so what I'm really interested in is the potential capabilities. Assuming you have an LMS that tracks it, what data are you able to see after a student completes a module? 

For example:

-- If you have multiple single-question quizzes within a single module, can you see scores for all of those quizzes? Or can you only see data/scores for a single quiz that is identified as the one that tracks "completion" for the module?

-- Do interactions have to be set up as scored quizzes, with a submit button, in order for the data to be pulled? Or can you see how a student does on, say, a freeform drag-and-drop interaction that from their perspective hasn't been scored (they get audio feedback when they drop an item, but no final score)?

-- Can you see attempt data for quizzes? That is to say, not just whether a student ultimately got a question right or wrong, but how many attempts it took and which wrong answers they selected?

-- Can you pull other data such as numerical variables, survey responses, or entries in text-entry boxes that aren't part of a quiz?

-- Can you look at data such as how far a student gets into a module before quitting, or how long they spent on a module, scene, or slide?

Any tips for resources where I can find answers to these questions would be much appreciated!  I seem to be coming up empty on both forum searches and more general Google searches. Again, we're total newbies at this and don't have a specific LMS yet (If it makes a difference, we're leaning toward using an LRS instead of an LMS because we already have an internal Sharepoint system that does a lot of the work an LMS would do, and we'll probably publish TinCan compliant modules because we want to be able to track Apple Mobile user data, too).


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