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Nov 28, 2018

I have a client who wants to create a single module with two learning paths. The idea is that the student selects their job type (exec or admin) and then gets content specific to their job--that's the easy part. However, the client also requires that the student pass a scored quiz in order for the LMS to mark the course as complete. Is there a way to create multiple quizzes in a single course and only require the student to complete one of them for the LMS to record it as passing?  (I have not been successful in getting the client to break the learning paths into separate Storyline files.)

If the answer is no, what's the best alternative?  Can I create separate quizzes (in their own Storyline files) and link to them?  If so, will I need to have the quizzes published to the LMS in order to get a link to add to the main course?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie,

If you'll have two quizzes in the course and a learner only needs to pass one of them, you'll want to factor that into how you calculate the "passing score" for learners. You could set up one results slide that tracks all the questions as the final thing they see, and set the passing score to only account for half of the questions being answered.

You could also have a master results slide that tracks each individual quiz result, and then you'll need to choose between these options: 

User must pass each quiz

Select this option if learners must pass each individual quiz (represented by each result slide) in order to pass the overall course.

If learners fail any quiz in the course, then they fail the entire course.

Combine points from each quiz

Select this option if you want the scores from all tracked result slides to be added together as the final score for the course, then enter a percentage in the Passing Score field.

In this scenario, a learner could fail one or more of the individual quizzes and still pass the overall course.


Based on your description, I'd suggest using Combine points from each quiz and again, look at the math for determining the correct passing score. 

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