Articulate Storyline 2 and the Alternate Request Syntax

Oct 20, 2017

I am a software developer implementing a web application/very basic LRS for a client who produces Articulate Storyline 2 stories for their client. The application is being written in ASP.NET using Web API 2 in C#. I have never worked with Articulate or the TinCan/xAPI before this week. I have read up on a lot of documentation as well as the TinCan/xAPI specification. I am making use of the TinCan Nuget Package by Rustici Software.

The client provided me with 2 Articulate Stories, exported for TinCan for me to work/test/play with. I have set up an basic 'LRS' and provide this as the endpoint as it is described in this article: Implementing Tin Can API to Support Articulate Content

So according to the Communication section, the communication takes place in the form of the Alternate Request Syntax as described in the specification.

Now for my question: How should I handle the incoming request from the Articulate Storyline. It comes in as "text/plain" and I have resorted to creating a custom MediaTypeFormatter to handle the incoming request. I might be missing something here(or a lack of experience?), but by the looks of it, I will need to use the POST data to create a whole new request with of type "application/json" and send this new request to my Controller to be handled (PUT and GET)? Seems like a lot of work. Are there any alternatives?

Hoping someone could give me a bit of insight on this. Thanks

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