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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alexander,

I'm not familiar with Adobe Connect pods, but are you uploading the entire contents of the published output folder or just looking to use one file? The entire contents and structure of the published output folder will need to be  posted to your web server or LMS - and hopefully others who utilize the Adobe Connect Pods will be able to chime in here with some additional ideas. 

Alexander Reid

I've tried both: I've taken the entire published folder (zipped with the index file renamed as per other Storyline post recommendations) - this yields the error message "content type not supported".  My understanding is that these pods are supposed to be able to support SCORM packages.  When you load Adobe Connect, there's actually a box that starts with an Adobe Captivate pre-loader progress bar which is used to display tooltips and other introductory information, so I'm sure any other type of SCORM package should also work.

When I try uploading only "story.swf", I just get a blank slide with a spinning timer.

Whitney Zanotelli

Alexander - Because you are trying to load the project into pods, it sounds as though you are trying to play your project during an Adobe meeting, is that right?  Unfortunately, my understanding is that you can only load your storyline projects into adobe to be tracked (as an LMS), but not during a live meeting.  See this article for an explanation.

Sorry! I have tried the same thing myself and was disappointed in Connect's limitation.