Articulate Storyline 3 - Update 4 : 3.4.15731.0 Problem to copy title text in Slide Layout Tablet wih keyboard shorcut ctrl-c

Dec 28, 2018

Hi, I have a little problem when I double click on the tile of a slide in the Slide Layer Palette (lower right of the screen), I can copy the text with right-click copy but I can not copy the text using the keyboard shortcut ctrl-c. Sometime, I have to correct the title in my Storyboard so I want to copy the title and to go fast I want to use the shortcut option and not the right-click mouse option.

A hack to that is to use the Scene palette (left of the screen). In the scene Palette it is possible to copy the title of a slide with the shortcut ctrl-c. But I think it is not normal that we can't use the ctrl-c with the Slide Layer Palette (lower right of the screen).

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