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I wonder if anyone can help please?

I'm making a freeform drag and drop with 4 drag items and 4 drop spaces. There is a total score display which I want to increment by 1 every time a learner drops an item into the correct space. I have got that bit to work okay. The problem comes if the user drags a correct item out of its correct drop space and then re-drops it as the score goes up by another point. Is there a way to make it so the learner only gets 1 point if they drag an item to a correct spot and then if they take the item off, the score goes down by 1?

I'd looked at other posts which suggested making a rectangle around the drop area and having a variable to take away one point when the drag item crosses that rectangle. However, this ended up with a learner being able to get a negative score. I'm sure I've done something untoward with my variables - but I just don't know what!

Thank you

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Victoria

see if the attached updated file works how you want. I added a hotspot under the top section where there initial drag items are located and changed the triggers.  I also hide the rectangles on the timeline as I wasn't sure what their purpose was and it was confusing how they were setup on the slide. If you need to show them you can, but just be careful where they are located on the timeline so they are not overlaying your drop targets.

Shout out if you need more help.

victoria Harris

Hi Wendy,

Thanks so much for taking a look. I like the idea of a using a hotspot rather than the rectangles - much more elegant!

However, it still isn't working exactly as I would like.

- If you drag an item off an incorrect space, back to the hotspot area, it no longer snaps back to its original position. You could end up with all drag items layered on top of each other so you cannot read them.
- If you then move one of those dragged items again within the hotspot zone you lose another point - so you can very quickly lose points you already had, and even go to minus points.

Do you think there are any ways to get around these problems please?

Thank you!