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I am creating an interaction where the learner has to answer 4 questions (the answers are either GOOD or BAD - not case sensitive).  I have a submit button and the learner will see a correct layer or an incorrect layer depending on if they answered the questions correctly.  I have made an off-stage 'correct' and 'incorrect' button.  How do I go about setting the variables of the answers?  When I go to the FORM VIEW and SLIDE VIEW screen, I try to adjust the variables in the FIELD TO EVALUATE pull down but it doesn't seem to do anything.  Can anyone help?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Mari,

Happy to help provide some insight here! When creating a multiple fill-in-the-blank custom question and you have off-stage Correct and Incorrect buttons, you'll be evaluating the response as a whole and not scoring individual responses. 

The article below covers a similar example and will provide some guidance in how to set this up:

You may need to change the question type to get this to work!