Articulate Storyline - Is it enough for a teacher (me)?

Hello everyone !

I have just bought Articulate Storyline ... and from a first "look" into it 

I know I would need a kind of functionality for easily making quizzes etc.

Should I need to buy Engage or/and Quimaker or not ?

I really miss that kind of easyness and I feel like having make the wrong choice ...

What do you say ... ?

Thank you in advance for your assistance ...

What would be the price for those two products (with academic lisence) ?

Nikolaos Kypriotakis 

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Mike Enders


Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!  It's great to have another educator in the forums!

If you are doing a lot of Quizzing, you might find that Quizmaker is the tool for you.  I'd recommend that you download the trial of Studio '13 and see if it's a better fit.  

Ultimately, we really want folks to make the best choice for their needs, so If you've purchased Storyline within the past 30 days, we offer a “no questions asked”30-day refund policy – send an email directly to

We also did a blog post recently on making this choice.  Hopefully it might help shed some light.

Let us know if you have any further questions.



Nikolaos Kypriotakis

Ok Mike,

that was good news ... to know that I have the "change-my-mind" opportunity ...

But I do not want to stick to PowerPoint either ...

So ... can I buy Quizmaker alone ? I mean without the rest of the Studio 13 ...

And, if yes, what would be the price ? (for 1 academic licence)

Thank you Mike!

Nikolaos Kypriotakis

Nicole D

Currently Quizmaker will not import into Storyline. I have both Storyline and recently upgraded to Studio '13 only to find out Engage interactions do not import into Storyline.... yet. They are working on it. See this discussion for more details: