Articulate Storyline markers in 360 image do not count as triggers connecting slides

May 28, 2022

When creating 360 image content in Storyline, I disabled player controls and swipe controls, but the user can advance using markers in the 360 image. Nevertheless, this is not recognized by the Storyline software and the connection between slides seems to be lost if there is no trigger connecting slides (e.g. When click X go to next slide) in the general slide triggers.

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Stefan, 

Looks like you ran into issues with the navigation in your course. Storyline 360 basically does what its told in terms of taking learners where they need to go, so if your course is not navigating as it should, then there may be a missing 'Jump to slide/scene' trigger that needs to be added. 

Would you mind sharing a copy of your project file with us here so we can take a look at how its currently configured? If you prefer to share it in private, you can create a support case here and one of our support engineers will get back to you shortly!

Joe Tansengco

Hello Stefan and Phil,

Thank you for the additional information! 

After revisiting the behavior that you've described, and testing a similar setup in older versions of Storyline 360 (Update 56), I can confirm that this is expected behavior and not a bug. The 'jump to slide/scene' triggers placed inside 360° images do not create a graphical link of the slide in Story View. Only 'jump to slide/scene' triggers placed on slides and layers create the visual link of the navigation. 

You are welcome to raise this as a feature request to our product team. For your reference, here's how we handle feature requests from our users.