Articulate web offline not working anymore on the phone

Aug 20, 2019


Recently I have published out the articulate web offline version and copied the whole folder to my android phone.

I opened the story.html file on my phone and chose to play with the chrome browser. 

The first 2 slides were going well and stuck at the third slide. I have tested with multiple android phones and same issue.(This published file is run smoothly on the desktop version.) And also I have checked the triggers and all are correct.(Trigger is simple. Click on the button and go to the next scene. It was stuck on the loading ring instead of going to the preferred scene.) This is strange that this offline version went pretty well like 8 months ago for my other projects. After updating the articulate and this happened. I have published out with the html5 as a flash fallback. I have also tried with the html5 only. Not working at all.

Currently, my storyline 360 version is 3.30.19518.0(latest one).

Any solutions for this?



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