ASP Code for Unique LMS

Hi There,

We have a unique LMS that is currently understanding ASP code.

I need storyline to run this code when a button is clicked:

getURL("index.asp?grade=" + grade + "&userId=" + _root.userId + "&group=" + "&useritem=" + _root.useritem+ "&results="+ _root.results, "_self")


Does anyone know how to conver this to Javascript so it will work for us?





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Steve Flowers

A few ways to do this. I created a document that describes one method of sending an Ajax call to a Google Form for submission to a Google Spreadsheet. JQuery takes care of cross-browser stuff, so it's worth trying if another method using vanilla js doesn't work for you. There is a function in the document at this link that provides a way to link a CDN Jquery within your JS trigger. This way you don't need to edit anything after publish.

The submission to your ASP page will be similar to the example shown in the document. When you push in the values you'll want to grab whatever variables you have in Storyline using the GetPlayer method and pass those into your Ajax call:

var player=GetPlayer();

var myVar=player.GetVar("SLVar");