Assessment Test with multiple results with LMS reportin

Aug 06, 2013

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I was wondering if someone on the forum could help.  I am creating a placement test with 6 levels.  The test consists of 20 questions for each level and the passing score is 75%.  The test should stop at the level where the student does not achieve a passing score.  I would then like to be able to receive the information from the level that was not passed and the score that they achieved on the failed level to LMS.  I am aware that you can only have one result page and I don’t want the students to review the test since this is an assessment test.  Can I use some kind of variables for each level (20 questions) that would let the student continue to the next scene if they pass or lead them to the result page which will show them the level that they passed while letting me receive the results of the level that was failed?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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