Assigning a Course with no LMS

Oct 02, 2018

Recently developed a Storyline 360 course.  No LMS.  What is the best way to assign this course?


Publish as web?  Share via 360 (which I though is only for review purposes)....all help/input is much appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Korey,

I think the biggest question to answer is - do you need to track learners access to your course or how they're answering questions? If either of those are important to you a  Learning Management System (LMS) will be critical.

You could use the Review link, but it is designed to allow your reviewers to take a look and add comments or feedback for you. It won't track who has seen it or how they've answered on a quiz. You could set a master password for it, but there is nothing to prevent learners from sharing that password with others.

The same is true of hosting on your own website, there won't be any tracking of how a learner answering, but if your website has more gated access that would allow you to restrict whose using it. 

Hope that helps clarify it a bit more! 

Korey Migdal

Thanks Ashley, we will have an LMS in 2019.  Currently, the plan is to assign a course, have learner complete course, download/print quiz results, send to me for tracking purposes (or I could create an online form for tracking).

It looks like for a temporary solution we are using 360 Review, just disabling feedback.


Yvonne Edwards

I'm in the same situation.  We are currently "LMS" shopping and I have been using SCORM for tracking until we have implemented an LMS.  However, I have used the allotted free registrations and they are prompting me to purchase a package.  I was wondering if SCORM is the actual best platform for tracking or if there are others that everyone uses with more ease.  

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