Assigning audios to variables

Mar 17, 2020


I am developing a Storyline template for developers that would allow them to simply enter their content in the Variable pane and they will be good to go. Basically, the template has 3 nodes that will show the content. I also have layers in my project that serve as permutations and combinations of 3 nodes. For instance, if a user clicks node 1, he will land on the layer where node 1 is expanded. On that layer, now if a user clicks node 2, then both node 1 and node 2 should show up. They also have an option to collapse a node. Now, on the screen where node 1 and node 2 were expanded, a user collapsed node 2, then they should land on a layer where only node 1 is expanded but node 2 has a check mark next to it, denoting that it has been visited. So I have 27 layers for 3 different nodes, implying that each node can have 3 combinations. I am using three variables for each of three nodes, so that when the developer populate the content in the Variables pane, the same content reflects across all 27 layers in those nodes, and they don't have to do that across 27 layers.

Now, I want to implement a functionality where a developer can assign different audio to each of the three variables and the audio should be played everytime the respective node is clicked. This could have been an easy ask if there were no layers, but since I have 27 layers (and they are dynamic) and I want everytime a user clicks a particular node, the respective audio should be played, this is sounding a tough nut to crack. Basically, I want whosoever uses this template, should just be assigning audio to 3 variables and that should be reflected across all layers instead of adding trigger to play audio on each layer. I am attaching the .story file and each three audio files. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Rush,

You may have figured this one out by now, but, I've had a look and instead of assigning the audio to the variables, I placed the 3 audio files on the base layers, and then did simple Play media triggers when the user clicks each Node (across all layers of course). This way, anyone who uses the template only needs to replace the 3 audio files on the base layer (or via the Media Library).

This seems to be working ok, am I missing something? I've attached the file for you.

Good luck!

Rush Cunningham

Thanks Veronica for your response. Much appreciated. Although, I got that after couple of attempts, the one thing that I still can's seem to figure out is how do I refrain one audio from playing when another is already being played. Basically, I want to restrict a learner to click on one node, while an audio is being played. Thanks a lot in advance.

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