Assigning points to a variable on successful Sequence Drag and Drop

Dec 12, 2014

Hello everyone

I've been successful in manually assigning points to most quizzes question types except for sequence drag and drop.

There is no state to the interaction, the object isn't even available to select.

How can i manually assign point to a successful sequence drag and drop, and even assign partial points to this type of question?

Thank you !

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Emily Ruby

Hello Sharon,

I am not sure if Natalie has any updates to share as far as adding partial points. I did want to mention that you may be able to adjust points on this type of question based on correct /incorrect in the Form view under the feedback.  Also the trigger to add points to the variable could be changed in the feedback slide, perhaps when clicking the continue button.

Daniela Ferrara

Hi Nathalie and Sharon,

If you're willing to do it all manually, you can try using a number variable to track the number of correctly dropped items. If this is part of a larger quiz, you would have to set up triggers to manually capture the points for all of your other questions too, as the automatically created "results" variables do not play nice with others (and are uneditable).

It's not that difficult to set up though.

First, create your number variable (I usually call mine "CountCorrect"). Then create a trigger for each of the correct items, that addes 1 to the variable when that item is dropped onto the the correct drop target/hotspot. You will need to create this trigger for each correct item. You can save time by copying and pasting the trigger multiple times so that you only have to change the object the trigger is referring to. This would allow for partial points. You can also create a trigger for each incorrect item that subtracts points when each is dropped into the drop target. 

If you tie all of your quiz results to that variable, you can use that variable in your results slide.  

Hope that helpes! Here's a good related video on using variables in results slides.

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