audio across slides


Currently, I have mini audio on each slide but when you move to the next slide, there is a milisecond of delay, which makes the music choppy.

Re, does anyone have an update?

I have seen answers about inserting code (which haven't worked) but I wonder if Articulate now has a feature where you can play audio across all of your slides.

If it does, I would be grateful if someone could let me know.


Many thanks.

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Iffaf. Great question! Although the ability to have audio play across all slides is not a feature in Storyline at this time, I wanted to share some resources that may help you accomplish what you're looking to do:

Additionally, would you mind telling me a little more about why this function would come in handy for you? I've attached your thread to this feature request's report, and would love to share any further insights with our product team – feel free to also share any other thoughts you have here ☺️

Gab Bachini

I have the same problem. Just recently subscribed and having this issue is really disappointing. I tried all the previous posts about the coding solution but to no avail. I'm doing a self-progressing course and need to have an audio background to make it more alive. 

Hope someone could help.


Gisela Garcia

I am experiencing a similar problem.  I added a background music clip to the base layer and added voice over to each layer of an introduction slide.   Problem is that the music clip is a few seconds short, and I'm looking for a way to loop the music so that it plays throughout the entire slide.  I've used the trigger when media ends on the base layer approach as others have suggested, but I still can't get it to work.  

Help please, and thank you!

Jerry Beaucaire

To loop an audio file successfully, I had to NOT place the audio file manually on the timeline.  Rather, I had to create a trigger to PLAY MEDIA WHEN TIMELINE STARTS and that trigger allowed me to select the audio file from the computer.

Then I added the PLAY MEDIA WHEN MEDIA COMPLETES and select the audio chosen in the first trigger.  This loop method works for me.

Iffaf Khan

Hi, Jerry.

I agree and that is mostly what I now do but it really depends on the audio.  Sometimes I have to cut into the audio I am using in order to just use the intro or the chorus so that it doesn't sound skippy. OR, if there is a screen where the user is doing a little more reading, I will have my longer audio.

Have a great day.

Jerry Beaucaire

Another solution I use when I have an audio clip I need to shorten or lengthen so the music concludes at specific points on my timelines is a free audio tool called AUDACITY.

It's free, a little daunting at first, but trust me, it's worth the day or two investment to get familiar because now it's easy-peasy for me to take any standard background file and duplicate a few measures of music here and there in the middle to lengthen, or remove a few measure to get the nice clean "ending" where I want it.

The FadeIN and FadeOUT "effects" allow me to take any unedited music, select the number of seconds of audio I want, then fade the ends nicely.   I love this tool, obviously.  A perfect pairing with Storyline, IMO.

Esther M.

Thanks Jerry, this worked well for me. I only wanted the music to appear in a certain scene, so I applied it to the master that I used for the entire scene and voila!

Question for your or anyone else...I have some of the slides in this scene where I have a clickable screen capture as well, and the audio is not audible on those slides. Any thoughts on how to make this trigger work for them?