Audio activated by javascript is not supported by HTML5 Android

Oct 08, 2016


I created an interactive story with an audio file that starts from the first screen and ends only when the user has finished the way.
Not being able to manage from 2 Storyline the same audio files from different screens, I created a library in JavaScript and entered in the first screen a triger javascript putting the audo play and then another triggers the end to pause.

From browser Chrome, Firefox and Explorer all works, but TABLET Android (Sumsung) and Mobile Sumsung S5 audio managed by Javascript is not activated!

I checked in, there are no problems with access library, it would seem a management problem from the browser!

I checked on your comparison table Flash, HTML5 and AMP, and the audio and Execute JavaScript are supported.

This javascript code:

// Background audio file management
play function () {
  var audio = document.getElementById ( "audio"); ();
ends function () {
  var audio = document.getElementById ( "audio");
  audio.pause ();

The production was produced by Storyline 2 ver 10: 1607.1221.

Do you have any advice?


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Brian Dennis

I'd suggest to share your .story file via ADD ATTACHMENT so the SL folks can take a look. I'd have the extensive details on the Android and browser versions running on the tablets that don't work. Lastly given your level of javascript development knowledge suggested by your code snippet I'd imagine you could assemble an HTML page outside of SL that reproduces the problem. For example HTML5's native AUDIO tag isn't fully flushed out across all HTML5 browsers. Have you inspected the audio object returned by the getElementById call to see if there's a valid function object there?

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