Audio and TTS

Jul 04, 2022


I am trying to create narration files in Storyline using the TTS (text to speech) editor that comes with storyline.

Once generated, where do the files reside? I would like to attach an additional TTS file for each trigger clicked:

I got the first one to work.  I can easily attach an audio file to a trigger in Adobe Captivate, how do I create and attach multiple TTS files, using the Storyline TTS tool, and attach each one to a trigger here?

Thank you.

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Wayne,

The file location of Text-to-Speech audio files is not directly accessible while the project is still in an unpublished state. With that being said, can you clarify what you meant by "attaching an additional TTS file for each trigger clicked"? If you would like to trigger multiple text-to-speech files using a single click, you can already do this using the 'Play media' trigger: 

I may be misinterpreting what you're trying to accomplish. If so, can you clarify what you mean by your inquiry?