Audio consistency in screen records vs slides

Hey all -

If anyone can help me figure out my audio consistency - it would be a life saver.

I use a high quality Samsung condenser mike for projects that are about half screen records / half slide narration.  For the life of me - I can't get the audio to sound consistent between the two.  I of course know how to select the audio tracks and try to fine tune that way, but it still doesn't sound very professional.  The audio always records low on BOTH types of recordings, but with the screen narration in particular, it records real low and sounds echoey and distant.

Any help? Thanks!

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Daniel Brigham

Welcome to the forum, Chris:

Does it sound poor when you publish? If so what bitrate (under custom settings) are you using? I usually use 88 kbps or so.

You might try recording in another program (say PPT or Audacity) to ensure the issue is on the Articulate side.

Audio in Storyline's screen recording tool has been an issue for some--like me. I get a distorted, popping-type of sound every once in a while. I'm still trying to figure out what is causing it.

Are you on a mac, by chance?