Audio File with CC to only play once

Apr 28, 2022

Hi all,


I've searched this site up and down, followed the instructions, and I'm about to give up!


I have a slide with a base layer, and 6 additional layers. The base layer/slide has an audio file with CC's on it. My goal is to make it play one time, but if someone skips through it by clicking on one of the six buttons that take them to one of the additional layers, when they come back to the base slide/layer, it won't continue the audio where it left off.


I've made a variable that is by default set to false.

I've also made a trigger to turn that variable to true once the timeline starts on the base layer (and I used a reference to determine that was triggering)

I set the audio to only play if the trigger is false

I also have the slide set to 'reset to initial state' upon revisiting.


I can't work out why, each time I go to one of the layers and go back, that it continues to play the audio instead of stopping it - even though the trigger has changed the variable to True.


If anyone can shed any light on this, I would be most appreciative!

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Walt Hamilton

I'm not sure what you want here, but if you want the audio to pause while another layer is showing, then resume when it is hidden, all you need to do is go to the layer properties, and select "pause timeline". Pausing the timeline stops everything including the audio.

If you want to prevent the learner from clicking on a layer until the audio finishes, then you need to change your variable when the media completes, and show the layers if the variable shows the audio has completed.

David Acord

Hi Walt,

I don't think I want either of those things.


The idea is: the slide opens, and audio starts. Audio is optional, so some learners may choose to just skip it and click on one of the numbers to go to that layer. When they do, and then they return to the base slide, I don't want the audio to continue. 


Does that make sense?

Walt Hamilton

Since you are visiting layers, and never leaving the slide,the timeline never restarts, so you don't really need these triggers:

That is, unless there is the opportunity to leave this slide, then come back to it. In that case, these triggers will work.

Use this trigger on all six numbers to stop the audio from playing on return from the layers.