Audio issues Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7

Sep 06, 2017

Dear e-learning heroes,

We're currently experiencing some issues with our newest e-learning.
Problem description: the e-learning consists of several chapters. When going through the first chapter, everything is working correctly. When picking the second chapter, at some (random) point, suddenly the voice-over audio stops playing. After this point, voice-over audio is playing/not-playing randomly. Images and animations are playing correctly however.

Some other issues we're experiencing: publishing of the e-learning takes about 5-10 hours which is extreme. Even previewing a single slide takes around 5 minutes. I personally think the problem is somewhere in the amount of questions or slides. We now have 1286 slides with 504 questions in 84 question banks. In the publishing progress-screen, the creation of the questions takes up a fairly big amount of time.
The amount of slides is due to the multilingual nature of the project. There are 7 scenes, each with their own language of the project.

The problem only occurs on Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7. Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 has no issues. Chrome also works perfectly. The problem is that our customer has Windows 7 machines and the Internet Explorer browser set as default company standard. So using Chrome is a no-go.

On one hand I know this project is kinda huge and that could be the problem. On the other hand the project plays just fine on IE11 Windows 10 and Chrome so there must be something wrong in terms of streaming / memory usage / cache usage in IE11 on Windows 7. 

Hoping that someone maybe has a clue of what this could be.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Roger. I'm glad that you've been able to get through the authoring and publishing process on such a huge course. Honestly, I would have been worried about the risk of file corruption with such a large project.

Is there any need for your learners to have all seven language versions available to them?  Can you break your content up into individual courses, one for each language? You could open new projects and use the Import tool in Storyline to bring your existing content over. It may take some reworking to get your questions properly routed, but I think the savings in time and the reduction in vulnerability (due to size) would be worth it.

Here's what I would at least attempt: Create a new project and import one of your scenes into it (ideally one where you've experienced the degrade in audio). Host it in the same environment and run a test on it with IE 11 in Windows 7.

Let me know if breaking it up impacts playback on IE 11, and we'll take some next steps from there!

Alpha and Omega

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for your reply. I've tried to import one of the scenes (one language) into a new project but the same sound issues appear. What I've found is that the sound issues start to appear when entering the question banks, really weird.

The exported course of one language is around 55MB so in terms of size, it's not that big.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew or Bart, 

If you'd like to share an example with our team we're still happy to take a look at this. We'd want to see the .story file and if you have a link to share of where you're currently hosting it that would help as well! Feel free to share here or send along to our Support Engineers by uploading here. 

johan gouy

We have the same problem. Not with a so huge project (around 150 slides). On Explorer Browser, in HTML 5 publishing, and only on server (scormcloud for example because of for a local use it's good), audio work well until you arrive at the 40th slide where the audio don't work, or for the half way. All animation are however good. Only the sound is disappear entirely or partially. I hope an issue and will pay attention to your answer. Johan

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Johan,

Can you share a copy of this course with our team? It doesn't seem that Bart or Andrew can, and without that it's a bit hard to recreate the issue or investigate it further. I understand you'd if you'd rather not share your file, but since it's the best way for us to demonstrate the problem and document a defect, we'd happily accept a .story project shared here privately if you change your mind.

Kenneth Weaver

This is occurring in our project, as well. My testing is on a 70 screen file with audio on every screen, many of which also having a video showing what's going on.

From what I've seen it seems like the glitch is happening when duplicate audio tags are created (see attached image).

When acting normally, the course seems to have 3 audio files set up at a time, cycling them out with new ones as you progress through the course. I am not sure what causes it to mess up, but sometimes the audio files either don't naturally get removed, or it tries to load a list of audio files twice in a row.

Once this glitch occurs, the audio for these screens are broken until you exit the course. I have tried manually deleting the extra audio tags from the DOM and reloading the screens, to no avail.

Leslie McKerchie

I understand Kenneth.

Interesting that you aren't seeing it in any other courses. Curious how you are uploading and testing the course? Are you able to replicate the behavior for this file when uploaded to SCORM Cloud or is it only happening in your client's environment?

I also just wanted to mention that our support team can sign an NDA if that is needed, but hopefully we'll be able to get to the bottom of it with you.

Crystal Horn

Hi Philippe!  Happy to help.  If you'd like to share your file with us, you can attach it here in the discussion.  If you need to keep it private, upload it to us here.

  • Let me know specifically what you're seeing with the different versions of explorer and with the operating systems.
  • Can you confirm what version of Storyline you’re using?  Go to Help > About Storyline.
  • Does the issue persist if you import those slides into a new project?
Philippe BERNARD

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for coming back to me;

I've sent you a message with the .zip file and a description of the issue.

So far,  we haven't been able to tell if it is specific to some versions of Windows or browsers.

I hope you'll spot the issue and that this is just a config problem ..

Kind regards,


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Philippe.  I tested your output and sent you back an email.  The audio was working normally for me in all of the environments that I tested.  It didn't begin until the 4th slide - hopefully that's accurate.

The only thing I noticed was that it was published in Presenter '13 update 7, so I'd recommend updating your Studio '13 software to update 9 and rechecking with the affected users.  Thanks!

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