Audio narration as web object

Jan 22, 2018

Hi, dear fellow heroes...

I'm building a course that is supposed to be available in 30 languages... We produce our own narration tracks, basically mp3s...

Actually, we deliver our clients with one package for every language, but several clients asked us to have all languages in the same course. 

Technically, I have no issue for text boxes, or images containing text, I simply have to create a state for each language and ad a drop down menu in an option panel to modify a "language" variable that will decide what to display.

But when it come to the audio tracks, the struggles happens... Audio objects don't have states (this is logic), so I can't use the same mecanic as text boxes. I would have to put all my tracks on the slide and call them with a trigger "play media English_track when timeline starts if language equal to english".

The problem is that our clients have some limitation interm of the weight of the exported course... We have to stick under 99mo... so I can't add every language in the course (actually, with a single language, we are at 80Mo).


I wonder... Can we use web object to trigger the right language? If so, the tracks won't be hosted in the exported package, and I will be able to deliver awesome content!

I figured out this mecanic:

1- Create a project containing a blank slide with all the different languages audio track of slide one.
2- Add a trigger that says "plays media english when timeline starts if laguage equal to english"
3- duplicate trigger for each language
4- Publish to html
5- Ad the result as a web object on the slide one of my master project.

But, even if my Language variable in equal to english, it doesn't works. I can't find any control to web object instead of clicking oin it or automatically plays... I guess maybe with a little javascript trick we could figured this out...

Can someone (who figured out what i'm trying to do) may help me, please?



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