Audio preview not working on the timeline

Jul 15, 2015

Hello, when I attempt to listen to the audio on the timeline (layers) in my slide nothing happens.  Typically, Storyline takes a few seconds to load the audio but now my audio isn't working at all.  When I select the Audio Tools or double-click the audio in the timeline to pull up the Audio Editor, I can hear just fine.  Anyone experiencing issues with the audio not playing on the timeline?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

It looks like I also answered you here - and if the layer is on an audio, the only way to hear it while previewing the timeline using the timeline play button is if it's being triggered by an event on the slide. Otherwise, there isn't a way for you to preview the timeline and trigger showing the layer, unless you choose to use the top "preview" button to take a look at the whole slide. 

Margaret Welch

I’m having this same problem. The timeline audio in Storyline won't play through my headphones. I followed the directions at

Step 5 says - Use the Audio Output drop-down list to select your headphones. However there is no audio output drop down. Please see the attached screen shot. Any advice is welcome!

Many thanks!




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