Audio sync Problem and player problem

Mar 27, 2013

Hi Team,

Presently I am  learning articulate storyline for some project  purpose  ( level -1) I need some clarification regarding  issues which I am facing while using Articulate storyline

1.       When ever I try to sync Audio with Content in the time line and try to view  the  preview , the Red marker takes at least 2 sec to start to move . I am unable to hear the Audio for 1st 1 or  2 seconds  after some time I am able to hear the audio but Sync fails,  it is somewhat like audio lagging while sync the content with Audio – is there any proper setting required for the Audio to be used or is there any system requirements presently I have a high-end system with 4GB Ram Phenom processor with Graphic card

2.       When ever I use to fade content  by using Fade with Paragraph option sometimes certain line fails to render in output but when we view the content it is perfect in the timeline . The point which we have sync with audio and placed at particular points using Cue points Option at timeline,  what happens is it comes before the corresponding line not as placed in timeline (before or after)

Please let me know where is the error going on and  let me know what actual Audio setting supported in storyline

 with regards


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