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Apr 01, 2014

Hello Articulate team

We are a localization company and often recreate English trainings in foreign languages. In that process creating time stamps is a little bit challenging because a person who builds the trainings typically doesn't speak all these languages and localization testers do not have the access to the Articulate tools. Having them work on engineer's computer is not a desired scenario, especially when we localize a content to 10 languages.

For Articulate Presenter, we have have developed a tool that lets us to do the audio synch externally and then import the data to Power Point slides. I works great. 

Now we have the challenge with Story Line. Is there way to import the time stamps to Story Line that will automatically set the cue points and adjust animation?  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hanna,

I am not sure how you've created the time stamps for use in Presenter, or the animations, but you can import Presenter content into Storyline.  To learn how to import presentations into Storyline, click here.

If a presentation has Articulate resources, such as audio or video, the PPTA file must be in the same folder as the PowerPoint file, and they must have the same file name. However, Presenter does not need to be installed to import content into Storyline.

Hanna Golota

Hello Ashley,

I am actually not looking into importing the Presenter content into Storyline. I am  interested to find out how the Articulate team suggests doing cue points/time stamps in storyline when we localize the content into 10 languages. 

The person who needs to do time stamps/cue points needs to understand the language. From what I understand, the only way to do it is by using Storyline. The only option that I currently see is to invite 10 native speakers to come in to the office, give them our engineer's computer so they have an access to Storyline and have them to do it in there. This option is not sustainable because:

1. The engineer is out of the computer for the time the other people are doing the time stamps 

2. Giving access to the engineers computer is not a good idea 

3. Not always our localization QA team is local to Vancouver so they can't  come in to the office

So the question I have is whether there a way to do the audio synchronization out out of the storyline and then import a file into the program? 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hanna,

I don't know of any ways that you could synchronize it outside of Storyline, but possibly there is someone in the community who has done similar. You could share a published copy of your project with your colleagues who will do the translation and maybe enable the seekbar and menu so that they can see how much time is on each slide and jump around the menu if needed to record their audio. 

Vit Chaloupecky

Hi Hanna,

Unfortunately I do not have answer to your question, however I'm very interested in knowing the way you have developed for import of audio translations into Articulate Presenter by keeping the time stamps.

Would you be willing to share?

We are reaching the necessity to translate our courses, and this would realy help me.

Thank you.

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