Automatic random math questions based on Variables

Dec 20, 2012

Hi All,

I'm currently exploring Storyline and was wondering if my scenario is possible with articulate?

Basically, I'm designing some math curriculum and am trying to create some exercises that students could run through as often as they like.  I'm wondering if using the variables etc within storyline if I could create random questions based on set criteria.

  • For Example;  If I'm looking to having students practice area, could I somehow set things up so that they get random questions with the criteria that the length and width are numbers between 1 and 20?  (So one question might be 3 x 11, while the next is 12 x 18 etc...  (Is this something that I could do within storyline, or should I look at using some scripting language?
  • The other part if the first is viable if could I then track how many students get in a row (say 5 or 10) to help prompt them to move on?

thanks for any thoughts,


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