Automatic Submit of Freeform Drag and Drop

Nov 12, 2023


I have a freeform drag and drop slide where multiple images can be dragged with a single drop being the correct scenario.  When any of the drag images are dropped onto the drop target, I want the interaction to automatically submit and if the correct drag target is in the drop location then it will continue to the next slide.  If the wrong drag target is in the drop location, then it will automatically submit as incorrect and show the incorrect layer.  I have it working where any incorrect drag target is dropped onto the drop location, it will submit and incorrect layer shows.  I cannot get the interaction to submit as correct and move to next slide.  I am not sure what I am missing.  See my triggers, form view and slide view in attachments.

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Judy Nollet

The question is set to provide immediate feedback. However, there's no "Correct" layer, so the program doesn't know where to go when the correct answer is submitted.

To get the program to advance when the user drops the correct item, do this:

  • Add a "Correct" layer.
  • Apply a blank layout to that layer, and delete any remaining objects. 
  • Add a trigger to that layer that advances to the next slide when the layer's timeline starts.